Best place to stay in Bucharest

Decided on a vacation to Romania? Congrats! Of course, you could not miss the capital. The best place to stay in Bucharest is in the city center so you can be close to all the attractions. You can find lots of accommodations options for all budgets, from 5 stars hotels to hostels and apartments here. If you book in advance for sure you will find something suitable.

If you want to party, you have to stay near Old Town or even in middle Bucharest Old City – Hilton Garden Inn  is an excellent hotel right in the middle of the action. Still in the Old Town there is an old bank transformed in 5 stars hotel, but keeping the old flavor…lots of history and classic style if you’re that kind of person. Plus, lots of hostels as budget wise options are in the area.

If you want to get away of the crowds and are looking for something more restful, you could stay at Novotel. In 5 minutes walking distance to Old City, on Victoriei Avenue, hotel Novotel Bucharest City Center is the best choice. The hotel was built on the spot of former Romanian National Theater destroyed during World War II. The architects of the hotel made the façade a replicate of the former theater.  Perfect for selfies!Best place to stay in Bucharest

However, after you pass the grand entrance, you will find a modern 4 stars hotels that will surprise you. I stayed here last year and it was spotless clean, plus the breakfast was delicious.  If you have kids, the hotel has some kind of children policy that allows you to check in 2 children under 12 years in the same room with the parents for free. In the end, you come up with a very good price per person, similar to an apartment while staying at 4-star hotel. Not bad at all!
where to stay in Bucharest

Also, if you are into wines, there is a wine bar where you can taste different types of wines local or international. Of course, if you like one, you can buy them as souvenirs from Romania. Very important if you came by car, maybe on a road trip in Romania, Novotel has a very big parking (a few hundred places I think) that you can use. Also, some of my friends came by plane from Germany, and hotel arranged for their airport transfers – I guess it’s useful to know this in order to avoid the taxi drivers. Yes, please use Uber or Bolt to save your money and nerves! If you still want a taxi company choose Speed or Cobalcescu companies.

Novotel is also close from the main museums so if you want to visit History or Art Museum this is the place to be. Also, Radisson hotel is nearby and a very good option in the heart of the city (not to mention the big pool).

If you have little time and all you really want to visit is Ceausescu’s Palace, best place where to stay in Bucharest is Marriott hotel from which window you can admire this impressive building.
best place where to stay in Bucharest Also near the hotel there is also the tallest and largest Orthodox Church in the world by volume called People’s Salvation Cathedral  that you could visit.

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