Bucharest 3 day itinerary

You cannot come to Romania and not visit the capital: Bucharest! Plus most planes land at Bucharest International Airport, so it’s a pity to miss it! Here’s my suggestion for Bucharest 3 day itinerary. I mean 3 full days.

Day 1: Ceausescu’s Palace (half a day) and Old Town (half a day)
Bucharest 3 day itinerary

Day 2: Therme Spa and shopping in Bucharest

3 days itinerary in Bucharest

Day 3: Museums – if you are a museum person, choose from the following Museums: Art Museum, History Museum, Village Museum, National Museum of Natural History. Each visit it will take you around 3 hours.


If you are not into the museums and you are here just for a city break and you are not continuing with a road trip to Romania, make one day trip to Dracula’s Castle from Bucharest. You can book it here and you will have a taste of Transylvania. For sure it will make want to come back so check out my proposals for DYI Romania itineraries:

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