Cheap places to visit in Europe in May (April or June) – Affordable European vacations in spring 2024

50 shades of green pastures…50 shades of green forests …50 shades of spring are waiting for you in Transylvania, Romania one of the best cheap places in Europe. Cheap if you are talking about money, but priceless if you are talking about unforgettable experiences.

May is my favorite month to rediscover Transylvania and to recharge myself with good energy…Good vibes only…I find in small Transylvanian villages where time seems to stop.

Cheap places to visit in Europe in May

Plan a vacation in Viscri, Saschiz, Crit and you are in good company. Royal even because even Prince Charles has a house in Transylvania and he’s coming yearly for a spring vacation in these heavenly places at the end of  May – beginning of June. I wonder what is attracting him if not the beauty of pure nature.Affordable European vacations

But there is so much more besides the peaceful villages. There is Dracula legend and the famous Dracula Castle in Bran, Brasov county, just waiting for you to discover it.

Cheap places to visit in Europe in April

There are also wow medieval fortresses that you could visit….Sighisoara medieval fortress and Alba Iulia citadel are my favorites..

Transfagarasan, the best road in the world, is still not open in May, but Transbucegi road is. It’s an amazing trip that you will take from Hell to Heaven that you shouldn’t miss… As well as you shouldn’t miss to taste socata (a traditional lemonade made from the flowers of the European elder) or tuica (plum brandy if you looking for stronger drinks. Since we are here, do try ciorba de burta and mititei to discover also the culinary part of Romania.

If you want to find cheap accommodation, I recommend to make your basecamp in Sibiu and Brasov. These are amazing picturesque cities with the lots of cheap accommodations options from apartments to hotels  starting from 20 euros/night/apartment on Besides good prices there are so many things to do and visit in these cities as well as around them. Check out best places to visit in Brasov here and if Sibiu is worth visiting here. Trust me, both cities are wow!most affordable european vacations in spring

For breakfast you could have a covrig (pretzel ) for 0,5 euro or some traditional Romanian pastry called merdenea or poale-n brau for 0.8 euro and a coffee at 1 euro. In case you are wondering how much a beer costs, the answers is 0.5 euro/0.5 l in the supermarket.

In case you cannot come in spring to Romania, how about autumn? Transylvania with Dracula Castle is one of the best cheap places to visit in Europe in October or November. Perfect for Halloween, isn’t it?

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