Looking for cheap places to visit in Europe in October 2024? How about Transylvania? Best autumn destination holiday also in September and October

Dreaming of an autumn vacation in yellow – red – green  pastel tones? How about Transylvania, Romania aka the land of Dracula? Perfect for a Halloween escape if you are looking for cheap places to visit in Europe in October. But actually all autumn…It’s perfect to visit from September til mid-November.cheap places to visit in Europe in October

The weather is not so warm, crowds are gone (school starts on 5th September), not so much traffic on the roads, amazing views, picturesque villages, high adrenaline on Transfagarasan, delicious food,  cheap prices (even cheaper than during summer)…So what could you want more? Either you are looking for relaxation in the middle of the nature, a traditional vacation or for one in a lifetime road trip in the land of Dracula, I got you covered. But what can you see and visit in Transylvania?

  • Dracula’s Castle – of course you cannot miss Bran Castle Dracula on Halloween. 

  • Sibiu – Romania’s little Vienna is a must visit city in the heart of Transylvania. You don’t believe me? Convince yourself here if Sibiu is worth visiting

  • Sighisoara is the largest medieval fortress in Europe inhabited without interruption and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Put it on your list and thank me later. There are so many things to do on Sighisoara! Not to mention that Dracula’s birthplace is here…

  • Brasov is a hidden gem in the middle of Transylvania. For sure you won’t get bored here. Check out top 30 best  places to visit in Brasov . Also here you will find the best budget accommodation options on Booking.com.

  • Transfagarasan – the best road in the world. It usually close at the end of October so check out if Transfagarasan is still open here before making any plans. If it’s open, don’t miss it. Find out what to see on Transfagarasan in order to have an amazing vacation.

  • Transalpina – the highest road on Romania. If you are a passionate driver, you will love it. However it closes on mid October so also check out if Transalpina is open before making the trip.

  • Transbucegi is another amazing road that is open all year round. In case you cannot go on Transfagarasan or Transalpina, Transbucegi road is for sure open and ready to wow you.

If you cannot decide what to visit, check out my proposals below for an amazing autumn vacation in Transylvania:

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