Heart of Jesus Statue Romania

I’ve been to Sighisoara, in Transylvania, so many times, but I had no idea the largest statue of Jesus in Eastern Europe is in Romania. Indeed, in Harghita county, there is a statue similar to the one in Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro. The Romanian one, called the Heart of Jesus Statue is a little smaller measuring 22 meters high compared to the 30 meters of the famous Brazilian statue.

Heart of Jesus Statue Romania

I found out about this unique tourist attraction in Romania by chance from a friend who recently visited it and was impressed by its greatness. So, guess what was on my agenda on my next trip to Sighisoara?


Where is the Heart of Jesus Statue?

The Statue of Jesus in Harghita county, Romania is located:

15 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc,

24 km from Corund,

35 km from Praid,

45 km from Sovata,

48 km from Sighisoara.

If you are in the above regions, I advise you not to miss it. We went to visit it when we stayed in the Citadel of Sighisoara. We had the base camp there and had enough sights to visit around Sighisoara within a radius of 50 km so that we were not bored at all.


How to get to the Statue of Jesus in Harghita?

I entered the Statue of Jesus from Romania on Waze and chose Heart of Jesus Statue. You can also find it on Google Maps.

I followed the instructions on Waze and when we were 5 km away from it, we also saw some road signs (in the villages of Bisericani and Lupeni). From Bisericani commune, you will follow a country road. It was surprisingly very good, even though it had rained 2 days ago. You will see the Heart of Jesus Statue growing bigger and bigger as you get closer to it.

The road will take you to the back of the statue where you can park. Take into account that if it rains a lot, it is possible the road to be a little more difficult in the last part. If it’s sunny outside, you could get to it by any kind of car (it’s not necessarily 4X4), although maybe it would be better to do like us. Go on reading …

When car’s GPS indicated that we still had about 1 km to the statue and we were about to enter a forest yellow as honey on a gorgeous autumn day, we decided to take a hike. We parked the car and enjoyed an amazing walk in the woods. It was awesome! If you also take some sandwiches with you, you will find great places for a picnic in the middle of nature. It’s the perfect place for an easy hike. We even crossed paths with Via Transilvanica route.

After about an hour of light walking with the children (otherwise it takes about half an hour), we arrived at the Gordon hill where the statue of Jesus stood majestically. It is made of steel and not of concrete like the Brazilian one. Inside the iron structure there is a spiral staircase that leads you to the top. You will practically stick your head out through the head of the statue from where you will be able to admire the whole region. It is not difficult to climb to the top, but be careful with the stairs because they are a little slippery, so take some trackers on your feet (no slippers, shoes, sandals). Also it’s a good idea to leave your backpack in the car or with friends at the base of the statue.

Brazil is far away with its famous statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer. So until you get to Rio, why don’t you come over and  see the one in Romania? It’s free, it’s open 24/7 and you could enjoy an amazing walk in the middle of the nature as a bonus!

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