Is Romania a good country to visit?

Of course, I will answer.

But…well, I am a Romanian in love with Romania, so I guess I am little bit (more ?) subjective.  That’s why you don’t have to trust me. But I will try to answer your question Is Romania a good country to visit? with other travelers’ impressions about Romania. Travelers like you. In the last 7 years since I started this blog, people from all over the worlds contacted me on Facebook, Instagram regarding their planned trip to my country. After their visit they wrote me back. They even returned a few times to Romania. Why? Read on…


Ola from Poland returned to Romania the 3rd time. After her second visit she DM on Instagram:

I’m in love with Romania! This was our second holidays in your beautiful country. We’re already planning another trip! We’re missing out to visit the salt mine in Turda. We missed a lot of wonderful Carpathians… So, it is certainly reason to return! And the people – at every step we met the same warm and wonderful persons. You have amazing sights, delicious food and of course – great music 🙂

And she wrote me again, after the third visit to Romania in 2021

We were 6 days at Romania this summer
We are at home now, but we miss Romania. For the first time we slept in pensions and apartments. Not in a camping. We were welcomed there with a palinca.
We visited almost all the castles and few citadels:)
We rode on Transfagarasan once again. It was wonderful time. Your country is truly amazing 🙂
Thank you for sharing it with the world.

is romania a good country to visit

Fred from Germany commented on my article about Transylvania     

 In 2006 went the first time to Romania for a Rally. Now, it’s 11 years later and I came back more than 30 times. I’ve seen many places all around in Romania, but need much more time to see the rest of this beautiful country.
Last year, I bought an old Saxon house in Transylvania. For to stay there, when I finished my business.

Tom from United States:

“I will return to Transylvania, trust me – it is beautiful. Also, the food in Brasov was wonderful…it was that delicious, and very affordable!”

Romania is a good option if you’re looking for cheap places to visit in Europe. It’s the best autumn holiday destination for Halloween (just imagine yourself visiting Dracula Castle in October or November!) and the perfect country to have the cheapest affordable European vacations  in spring (April or May are the best months for visiting it)


Andrea from Canada:

As a Canadian living in Bucharest and eagerly exploring Romania over the years, there was one region still on my list: Maramures. I’d heard the hype: the only peasant culture still surviving in Europe, nature at its glorious best, friendly locals, tasty food, and inexpensive traditional crafts…. Well, it was all that and much more.

Andrea is one of Romania’s Wow fierce ambassador and she even wrote an article about her experience on Maramures…you can read it here

Anyway, besides Transylvania and Maramures, there is also Bucharest with Ceausescu’s Palace (the 2nd largest building in the world after Pentagon). Besides Dracula’s Castle, there are so many UNESCO objectives (Sighisoara, Sibiu, Biertan, monsteries in Bukovina and Maramures), so many stuck in time villages and amazing virgin nature. 

So why don’t you come over and let me know Is Romania a good country to visit? If you don’t know where to start I created the following itineraries to help you start planning your trip:


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