One week itinerary Romania (7-day roadtrip)

Congrats on deciding to visit Romania this year! You won’t regret it! This 7-day itinerary is actually a road trip so you will need a car. If you don’t come by car, you could always rent one).

Day 1.   Sibiu – Romania’s little Vienna

Sibiu is a city in Transylvania, Romania. It is often called the “Little Vienna” because of its architecture and its history. If you come by plane decided to visit Transylvania, then Sibiu airport is your first destination as it is the closest airport to Transylvania Romania. There are a lot of touristic attractions both in the city as well as around it. Check out Sibiu’s main attractions here. If you choose this itinerary I would suggest to make Sibiu your base camp for 4 nights because in this city you will find the largest variety of accommodation for all budgets and tastes.
One week itinerary Romania

Day 2.   Transfagarasan – also know as the best road in the world could not be missed from your Transylvanian adventure. Just check out Transfagarasan opening times before making any plans.

Day 3.   Transalpina 

If you enjoyed Transfagarasan, you shouldn’t miss Transalpina – the highest road in Romania. If you love driving and wow views, you won’t be disappointed.
Transalpina Romania

Day 4.   Alba Iulia + Turda 

After so much driving, how about some visiting time? The medieval citadel of Alba Iulia won’t let you down for sure. Also nearby is Turda salt mine, one of the most SF salt mine I ever seen. Already curious? Don’t miss it!


Day 5.   Biertan + Sighisoara + Dracula Castle

Biertan Village is one of the most impressive fortified churches part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. Large and powerful, this 15th century Gothic monument has an unique door with a complex locking system, a church organ with almost 1,300 pipes and last but not least a marital room where back in the day couples were locked until solving their problems.

Sighisoara is the most colorful city in Romania and one of the largest medieval citadel still inhabited in Europe. Find out here what to do in Sighisoara.
7 day roadtrip Romania

Dracula Castle needs no introduction. It’s on the list of every tourist and one of the main reasons for visiting Romania. Of course, you must not miss it. It’s placed in Bran city – that’s why it’s also called Bran Castle Dracula. There are lots of hotels near Dracula Castle that you can choose from to stay overnight in the lovely little town of Bran.
7 days itinerary romania

Day 6.    Brasov + Peles Castle

Brasov is a city located in the central part of Romania and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The city is home to a lot of tourist objectives like the Black Church, the Council Square, the Rope Street, and the Tampa Hill. Spend at least half a day having a great time and discovering new places in Brasov Old Town! Afterwards head up to Sinaia and visit another fantastic castle: Peles Castle! There is a high chance to like it more than Dracula Castle.romania itinerary

Day 7.    Bucharest, also known as little Paris

Welcome to Bucharest, the capital of Romania! If you have just one day to spend here, don’t miss the Palace of Parliament, also known as the Ceausescu Palace. It was built by former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena between 1984 and 1989. The palace is the largest administrative building in the world, with over 1,100 rooms. Today, the palace is used as the Romanian Parliament. It will take you half a day. For the the half choose from my suggestions given on 3 days itinerary in Bucharest. Also you can check out the best places to stay  in Bucharest here.
one week itinerary romania

This was my idea for one week itinerary Romania or 7-day road trip to discover Transylvania and Bucharest. If you really want to discover almost all the wow places you should check out also 2 weeks itinerary Romania or even order a personalized itinerary created just for you by a Romania custom travel planner.

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