Romania itinerary 5 days

Congrats on deciding to visiting Romania! However, 5 days is by far not enough to do it! At the most you can have a peak preview to what Romania has to offer. I am sure you will fall in love and come back afterwards. If you don’t believe me, read what other tourists wrote about Romania here after they visited it the first time.

From the beginning, I must tell you that the best way to discover Romania is by car. So, you either come with your own car or you fly to Romania and rent a car. Anyway, don’t rely on the public transportation, except in the interior of the big cities. Travelling by train in Romania is not something you want to use, trust me on this.

If you come by plane, the best airports you can land are the one in Bucharest called Otopeni airport (if you want to visit also the capital of the country) and the one in Sibiu (the closest airport to Transylvania and the best option if you want to visit just Tranylvania).

If you come by car, the itinerary depends from the point you are entering Romania. Anyway, I would suggest to spend more than just 5 days so have a look at 7 days itinerary or even 2 weeks itinerary in Romania.

But coming back to our 5 days itinerary – ideally if you come by plane and you land in Bucharest. You will not need to rent a car for any of the below itinerary. The money saved like this you could use to have a 1 day or 2 days guided trips to Transylvania as you will see below. 

1. Romania itinerary 5 daysOption 1 (no car needed)

  • Day 1 – 3: Bucharest – Ceausescu’s Palace, Old Town, parks museums are some the things you should include in the 3 days itinerary in Bucharest;

  • Day 4: Dracula Castle – I would book a day trip to Dracula Castle and Peles Castle, so you can have a preview of Transylvania. The day trip includes the transportation (so you don’t need a rental car), the guide, pick you/drop off from any hotel/address in Bucharest. It’s a full day trip so expect to leave early and return late.romania itinerary 5 days

  • Day 5 – Delicious Bucharest: If you are a foodie like me, I would have another tour called Bohemian Bucharest Markets and Mahallas Walking Food Tour and you could try some of the Romanian traditional delights while finding more about Bucharest

2. Romania itinerary 5 days – Option 2 (no car needed)

  • Day 1 +Day 2 – Bucharest : Palace of Parliament (the 2nd largest administrative building in the world), Old City, museums, parks are all waiting for you to discover them. Romania itinerary in 5 days

  • Day 3 +Day 4: 2 day trip to Transylvania (Besides the Dracula and Peles Castles  from option one you can get to visit Sighisoara – the colorful medieval Citadel); Again you don’t need a rental car, you will have a guide and 1 night accommodation included.

  • Day 5 : Relax in Bucharest –  Therme spa and shopping in Bucharest

3. Road trip Romania 5 days – Option 3 (for this one you will need a car; see the rental prices here if you don’t come by car); The best option is to come and leave by plane to/from Sibiu airport, rent a car, have basecamp for 4 nights in Sibiu (it’s the largest variety of accommodation options – just have a look here)

  • Day 1: Sibiu – Romania’s little Vienna

  • Day 2: Transfagarasan the best road in the world, as per Top Gear road trip Romania in 5 days

  • Day 3: Transalpina – the highest road in Romania

  • Day 4: Alba Iulia + Turda salt mine – a medieval citadel and a SF salt mine in one day? Sounds good, isn’t it?

  • Day 5: Biertan + Sighisoara – 2 UNESCO objectives in the heart of Transylvania

    If you have 2 more days, you can easily transform your 5 days itinerary into a one week Romania itinerary

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