Romanian traditional clothing for sale

Did you hear about Romanian traditional clothing, called IA? Congrats! IA is more than just traditional. Nowdays it is incorporated into modern design and it’s also proudly worn by teenagers. Also Dior inspired his collection from Romanian Ia a few years ago and  the singer Adele is famous for wearing it. It also represent the perfect traditional gift from Romania that you can get.

So let’s see where you can buy it from. There are a few online stores that have Romanian traditional clothing for sale. You can visit them by clicking the button underneath each photo.

My favourite way of wearing a Romanian traditional Ia nowdays below! A black hat is the perfect accessory for these embroidered blouses all sewn by hand with traditional crafting technique.



Or maybe you like the Romanian folk costume. The ones below are sewn in the old traditional way at a vintage mechanical machine. The designs belong to Romanian folklore and the models can be delivered internationally.

romanian traditional clothing


romanian traditional clothing for sale


romanian traditional clothing for sale

Romanian traditional clothing for sale internationally


Or maybe you want to try the traditional Romanian vest? A burst of colours that will lighten your day. Pair it  with a white shirt and for sure you will make an impression!


If you’re not into blouses or vests, how about a Romanian modern dress inspired by Ia? Isn’t it perfect for the summer?



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