Top 10 best traditional gifts from Romania

Are you looking for the best traditional gifts from Romania? Wandering what souvenirs to buy from Romania? Or maybe you forgot to buy the perfect Romanian gift and you are now trying to order it online? Whatever the reason, we got you covered.

  • The most appreciated gift you can make is the Romanian Ia, also known as the traditional Romanian blouse. The model is wide so it will fit anyone without problems. There are models for both women and men, cheaper or more expensive, sewn by hand with traditional crafting technique or by a machine.traditional gifts from Romania


Romanian ia the perfect gift

  • If you want business traditional Romanian gift, you can replace the traditional ie with a business shirt with Romanian motifs.


  • Or maybe you want a sweatshirt with traditional Romanian motifs that can be worn every day.

  • Jewelry with traditional motifs. Or you can choose some buttons with Romanian motifs that match perfectly with a white men’s business shirt.

  • Or some earrings or a brooch with traditional motifs.

  • Another gift very well received by foreigners or Romanians alike is tuica or the Romanian plum brandy. Depending on the area where it is made, tuica or palinka is always appreciated reminding everybody of the lovely holiday in Transylvania Romania.

  • If the receiver of the gift is really passionate about Romanian alcoholic beverages, you should know that the mini factory for tuica was also invented and it’s for sale. Just as some make their own craft beer at home, one can also make tuica.

  • If you want something even next level, offer him a Brancoveanu  – a fine Romanian brandy packaged in the form of a book. It is very well disguised  in your library, but in fact, when needed, it turns into the perfect occasion to share some good memories of Romania over a glass of brandy .

  • Another idea for a traditional Romanian gift is cosmetics.  Gerovital and Ana Aslan, who created it, are the best ambassadors. You can find beautifully packaged gift options here. It is one of the most appreciated traditional gifts from Romania for foreigners (especially by ladies for the amazing face creams with antiaging effect).

  • How about a bed linen with traditional Romanian motifs? So, whenever one goes to bed, the amazing memories of Romania will make anyone have the sweetest dreams.

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