TransBucegi Road – from Hell to Heaven

Exactly 10 days 23 hours and 20 minutes ago, I saw the death with my eyes….. literally. It was almost 9 pm and we were heading to Pestera, coming from Sinaia. When the most terrible fog I’ve ever seen (and believe me I’ve seen quite a few) surrounded us right on top of Bucegi Mountains. At first you could have seen a meter in front of the car, but within minutes a milky fog made it very difficult to see 5 centimeters ahead. Not even the best car in the world or the most advanced lighting systems don’t mess up with Mother Nature. It was the first time in my life when I blocked. Imagine us driving on top of the mountain surrounded by fog, hauls on both sides of the road and barely seeing anything. Continuing blindly ahead or turning back the car on the winding foggy road ….none of the ideas was better. We were on TransBucegi road.transbucegi gps

I remembered that I had a bottle of holly oil car from Dragomirna monastery– the closest monastery to my soul. I made a cross with it on Alex forehead who was driving and then on mine. If there was something we could save, it was a miracle. Alex glued his chair to the wheel and drove the car following the line from the middle of the road which was barely visible. I pulled myself together and I noticed that GPS was still seeing the road, and also Google Maps route was visible on my mobile. And I heard myself speaking: take a turn to the right, afterwards take a left. After a few minutes –the longest of my life, the road began to descend and fog to spread until it became acceptable and we arrived safely at the hotel.

The next day, I went to Manastirea Ialomitei to light a candle and thank God that we are still alive. Afterwards we visited the cave-monastery and many other beauties, which I will tell you about another time.

In order to return home, we had 2 options through the middle of forest via Moroeni or on the same hell road. Speaking with the locals, we understood that history could repeat on any of them, so we chose to face our fear and return on the same route, this time at noon on a bright sunny weather. And we weren’t sorry. We discovered the most beautiful road in Romania!On Transbucegi Romania

It was totally different than the ones we’ve beaten before. A feeling of joy and happiness surrounded us. Like we were in paradise. It’s hard to describe it in words. It was WOW! I think the best would be to go to see it … a SUNNY day :).Transbucegi view

The photos below will convince you it’s worth doing it. And until then, live each day as if it was your last! This is how we do it since then.Transbucegi Road Romania

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