Transfagarasan closing times in 2024

Transfagarasan reaches 2,042 meters, being the second highest road in Romania after Transalpina. It is a winding road, with amazing turns and high levels of adrenaline. It’s both an attraction and a challenge for drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists. Due to the difficulty of the road, the average speed is approximately 40 km/h.

No one knows for sure when Transfagarasan will close in 2024. Everything depends on the weather and how soon it starts snowing at this high altitude.transfagarasan closing times

Transfagarasan usually closes in mid-October or early November 2023, depending on the weather outside. For example, in 2020 it closed on 20.10.2020, and in 2021 the closing date was 25.10.2021. However on 2022 it closed on 17.11.2022.

UPDATE: Transfagarasan is now open (since 07.06.2024)

If you want to spend several days in the area, until the closing date of Transfagarasan, see where it is best to stay to make the most of the most beautiful road in the world. Also discover the must-see places on Transfagarasan, so that you have a perfect trip in 2023.

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