Veseud – wow place in the heart of Transylvania

We arrived at Veseud11 on Good Friday around 5 pm. It was the last accommodation from our Easter vacation… about 2000 km in Romania in 1 week. We were in Transylvania, coming from Alba Iulia to Bucharest. We chose Veseud to visit the fortified citadels that we passed by one year before. We had no idea that we were about to find a WOW location run by the kindest people we’ve ever met.veseud11Lucretia welcomed us and even if it was the first time we saw her it felt like we were friends forever. She lead us to our traditional Transylvanian house. We left the luggage and went out in the large garden to see the animals. We already knew about two donkeys from the Facebook page and Alexia, our daughter, was eager to meet them. Actually she also met sheep, goats and chickens… veseud5

Then Mr. Liviu, the administrator arrived and gave us the grand tour of the location. There are actually three individual houses renovated in the Saxon traditional way and several rooms in the main house.veseud3

Afterwards, he guided us across the street to show us the old Church, garnishing the tour with local legends. It was a real adventure to climb till the top and admire Veseud from above. In addition we saw a very interesting natural barometer. I will say no more, but if you are curious go to Veseud.veseud13veseud8veseud111

It was a long day for us, driving all the way from Alba Iulia and we were really hungry. I vaguely remembered that a week ago I had received a SMS from this guest house asking me if I want anything special to eat. Knowing that we arrive on Good Friday, I answered quickly that any lent food was great. It was a good sign that it this accommodation could be different ….in a good way.

And we got in the coziest restaurant overviewing the green lucerne fields. Mr Liviu started the fire in the fireplace and we got sooo relaxed…..veseud32

Lucretia impressed us with the best sarmale (Romanian traditional stuffed cabbage), followed by some delicious donuts served with 3 types of homemade jam: plums, quinces and rosehips. It was the first time I was tasting the rosehips jam, but it was wow! I have to confess that I received a jar as a gift, and now each morning I am making a sandwich I have the impression that I’m at Veseud. Anyway, if Lucretia is cooking like this when it’s lenting period, I guess she is the best masterchef ever when there are no restrictions!veseud01

After dinner, our hosts showed us some Romanian traditional clothing and Alexia got dressed in 2 “ia”s and lots of photos were made. We were already best friends. We began exchanging recipes and somehow we got to cozonac (the Romanian Easter traditional cake). I asked Lucretia if there is a way to see how cozonac is made in a traditional way. Immediately, she arranged for me to go her neighbors the next morning, to see it. Actually she came with me at 6 o’clock in the morning to learn how to do cozonac and homemade bread. Just ask yourselves how many hosts will go extra mile to make one guest happy and wake up and 5:30 am, accompany the guest, stay with her till 8:3o knowing that she will go to sleep after 2 days. (You have to know that on the night between Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday, Romanians go to church to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, where they light candles. After that, they take the lighted candles home, to have the holly light in their homes).veseud118veseud123

Do you think that’s all? Actually it’s not!  Every year before Easter, most of the Romanians go to church to confess and share. My family included. It seems that people from Veseud are keeping this tradition, but not in the Holly Week. Well, we are doing it exactly in the Holly Saturday morning. So Lucretia phoned the priest to ask him if he can make an exception. And yes, the priest opened the church just for 3 travelers who wanted to respect the tradition. Hats off! Moreover, because the church was not so easy to find, Mr. Liviu, the manager, led us up there. Talking about Romanian hospitality!

Because of all the above, we are considering that Veseud 11 is a WOW location in Transylvania, Romania and we are encouraging you to go. You won’t be disappointed. I just want to add that we paid the full price at Veseud11 (reservation made via and this article is not a paid one. They well deserve the free publicity and if you go to Transylvania, stop by this wow place with wow people. And If you know other wow places in Romania, just let us know. We will go incognito and, if they are really WOW, and we will promote the hotel, guesthouse or BB for free. All they have to do is to put the happiness of their guests first.

Meanwhile, we cannot wait to get back to Veseud11 and go biking in the woods, visit the medieval citadels nearby and bake a delicious pie with Lucretia. Maybe when we are heading to Transfagarasan….veseud125

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