What to do in Sighisoara? Top 9 attractions and curiosities about Sighisoara

The most colorful city in Romania is without any doubt Sighisoara. Put on some comfortable sneakers and walk on the cobbled streets among the charming little houses of Sighisoara. These houses are inhabited, just like the ones in Santorini, where you actually walk on people’s roofs. About the same here, only instead of white and blue houses from the Greek island, in Sighisoara we have an explosion of colors. And yes, if you didn’t know, the Old Center of the city is, in fact, the Medieval Fortress of Sighisoara.

The Medieval Fortress

As a curiosity about Sighisoara… this is the largest medieval fortress in Europe inhabited without interruption. Wait…. that’s more, Sighisoara has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Tourists from all over the world come to admire this wonder from the heart of Transylvania. It would be a pity to miss it, so make sure to include it in your Romania itinerary.

What to do in Sighisoara

The Medieval Festival

Almost every year, at the end of July, the Medieval Festival takes place here. Knights and princesses from other times, theater troupes and lots of local craftsmen can be seen on the narrow streets of the citadel. The town comes alive and you really don’t know which side to look at. You definitely have what to do in Sighisoara during the festival.


The Clock Tower

Located right at the entrance of the fortress, for the purpose of defense in medieval times, it rises 64 meters high in the sky. It can be visited, on which occasion you can also check out the history museum inside it. Plus, from the top of the tower you can take the most beautiful panorama pictures of Sighisoara. Perfect for Instagram!


What to do in Sighisoara romania

The Blacksmiths’ Tower and the Shoemakers’ Tower are 2 other smaller towers that can be admired. In the past, Sighisoara had 14 towers (one for each guild). Today there are only 9.

The Covered Stairway

The covered stairway or Scholars’ Stairs was built in 1654 by the mayor to help pupils get more easily to the school located on top of the hill when it was snowing outside. It currently has 175 steps (from 300 in the beginning) and if you haven’t taken the exact number of steps today, climb it a few times and you can sleep peacefully at night ?.attractions Sighisoara Transylvania


Vlad Dracul House

Vlad Dracul House – currently a restaurant, it is said to be the place where Vlad Tepeş was born. The place is a real tourist attraction for Dracula‘s fans and on the top floor of the building there is a room decorated in the famous vampire style.


What’s the charm of visiting a new place and not buying a souvenir? None, isn’t it? You will find real wonders: carefully crafted Romanian traditional clothes called ia-s, gingerbread so beautifully decorated as if it was a work of art… I bought one too, but it expired at home because it was too amazing to eat it.  Don’t worry you will find  plenty of ideas for traditional gifts from Romania to take back home with you!romanian souvenirs transylvania

The food

If you are tired of too much wandering and shopping, take a break on a terrace surrounded by flowers in one of the magical houses of the fortress. Would you say there’s a restaurant in the house below? But it sure is! I’m gladly coming back here every time!tourist attractions Sighisoara

Saxon villages

The surrounding villages are well-hidden gems in the middle of Transylvania. You can stay at the guesthouses in Saschiz, Crit, Mesendorf if you want to really relax. In Saschiz, you can go to the Rhubarb Festival and then visit Sighisoara – it’s just 15 minutes by car. Or you could find accommodation right in the heart of the citadel in some of these amazing houses you just admired.  Whatever you chose I am sure you will have an unforgettable stay in Sighisoara, one of 10 top best places to visit in Romania!

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