Where is the original Dracula Castle?

The original Dracula Castle is in the country Romania, in the picturesque area of Transylvania, in a little town called Bran. That’s why most of the Romanians are also calling it Bran Castle Dracula. It’s a must visit for all the tourists around the world.


Bran is located in the heart of the Carpathians mountains and it’s also a nice place to stay and visit. There are lots of hotels near Dracula’s Castle and also other accommodation options that you could choose from.
where is Dracula's Castle

Now that you know where is the original Dracula Castle, you can start planning your trip to Romania.

If you are coming by plane, the castle is 186 km away from Bucharest Airport and 139 km from Sibiu Airport. So the closest airport to Transylvania Romania (and Dracula Castle) is Sibiu airport. However, by car it will be approx. the same: around 3 hours driving either from Bucharest or Sibiu. Depending on how many days you plan to spend in Romania, check out our suggested itineraries for the Land of Dracula, aka Romania:


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