Where to stay near Transalpina in Romania?

Finally it’s Transalpina’s turn! You’ve heard how wow it is from your friends. If you are still not convinced, you can find the tourist attractions on Transalpina here!where to stay in Transalpina Romania

But if you are determined, let’s go back to accommodation, because you have many options, depending on how long you want to stay. You can stay at the beginning or end of Transalpina or even on Transalpina – if you want to explore it properly.transalpina mapSo Translapina starts (or ends – depending on where you’re coming from) in Novaci. You can stay at a beautiful guesthouse right here or in Horezu – if you want a shopping session for traditional objects (especially the ladies will appreaciate them). If you are travelling with kids, you can stop here  for a pottery course for the little ones.where to stay near Transalpina

 You can even go to sleep at Ranca – the most famous place on the Transalpina and practically where the road starts reaching the clouds.


If you start from the other end – near Sebes, you can stay in Sibiu or in the surrounding villages: Saliste, Sibiel which are full of wonderful guesthouses.

Have you decided not to do Transalpina in 1 day like most of the people and to fully and slowly enjoy it? Then spend the night somewhere in the middle of it, near Lake Oasa. You can find several accommodation options here.

Drive safe and enjoy your holiday in Romania!

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