Why Romania WOW?

Beautiful? Of course, and flashbacks with the greenest landscapes ever came to my mind. But no, beautiful doesn’t cover everything.why romania

Wonderful? Of course, and the smell of freshly cut grass after the rain, and cows’ bells coming home from the pastures came to my mind. romania

Amazing? Unique? Of course, but it’s too cliché. It’s another word that expresses mocanita’s dum- dum, my peace of mind and wonder in front of the nature, traditions and people.mocanita maramures romania So…how should I call my dear Romania? I need that word that leaves you speechless when you see something wow…that’s it! That’s my word! My Romania is WOW! It exists in all the languages and everyone will understand my message. And this way, on a vacation, around midnight, in a wooden traditional Romanian house, up on one of Viseu’s hills, Ana created the Facebook page Romania WOW. All this happened exactly 9 years ago, on the 24th May 2015 in Maramures, Romania.why romania wow Thank you, my dear 50 000 friends from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter from Romania and worldwide. Thank you for photos, for advice, for critiques, for every like, share, comment, follow, pin or tweet. Thank you for everything.

From RomaniaWOW with love, passion and hope,

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