How many days to spend in Bucharest?

Finally, you decided to give Romania a try! Good call! Of course, you couldn’t miss Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Most of the flights land here, so it would be a pity not to visit it. So how many days to spend in Bucharest? Actually, it depends on what you like to do.  

My advice is first to take the hop on hop off bus, if it’s summer, and check out Bucharest. Make the whole tour and in 1 hour see most of the touristic attractions. The ticket is available the whole day and you can hop off wherever you like.

If you come to Bucharest, don’t miss Ceausescu’s Palace, also called People’s House or the Palace of Parliament. It’s the second largest administrative building in the world (after Pentagon) and the most expensive to maintain in the world.
how many days to spend in Bucharest
It was order by Nicolae Ceausescu and it was built in 13 years. A team of 700 architects was involved. It really is impressive both outside and inside and a good idea to spend half a day in Bucharest here. You can book a guided tour in advance or at least admire it from outside.

The second part of the day go to Old City. If you are a party person, you have to go to Old Town. Most of the restaurants, cafes and nightlife are here. Also, a lot of hotels and hostels are right in the middle of the action in case you want to be sure you know how to come back to your hotel at 4 am after a great night. It’s up to you how many days of parties you want.
how many days to visit Bucharest

If you are a “museum person”, you should see the Art Museum, The History Museum, Village Museum and if you have kids, you shouldn’t miss Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History. Allocate around 3 hours per each.

After so much culture, how about some shopping? In Bucharest you will find amazing malls with both international and local brands. Modern or traditional Romanian clothing, shoes from big brands and amazing food are all at the mall. It will give you the chance to buy some souvenirs for yourself or some amazing gifts for the ones back home.

If you are in the relax mood, you must try Therme Bucharest. One day of swimming and relaxion near Bucharest just on the way to the airport. On the last day in Bucharest, after the checkout you can relax here until your plane will take off. Or spend one whole day here if you want to be pampered completely.

Choose your accommodation based on the places you want to see. You can find a lot of options for every budget here or check out directly the best place to stay in Bucharest here.

Anyway, coming back to the original question How many days to visit Bucharest?  I think that for the first time 3 days in Bucharest is ok to get acquainted with the city. If you like it, you can always come back the second time. You can also check out my Bucharest 3-day itinerary suggestion or Romania itinerary in 5 days. I am sure you will come back for more in one week itinerary or 2 weeks itinerary in Romania. Transylvania and Transfagarasan are on most of the tourists’ bucket lists, but for them you need more time.

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